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  • Robert

    Hey everyone. Just started out as a Bio Green lawn fertilization spray service. Took a lot of creative thinking and time to get a "micro" loan to get started. Working full time at a Ford dealership and just felt it was time to start out on my own. Nobody is interested in lawn fertilizations at this time and I am spendig all of my free time with on line marketing-facebook and craigs list.
    Helping people appreciate the need for a bio-based fertilizer. I'll be servicing the parishes of Ouachita and Morehouse in Louisiana, and probably teaming up with a couple of lawn service providers in giving each other referals.
    Have enjoyed reading the posts here (just discovered the site) and will refer it to others. Haven't noticed any posts on lawn fertilization yet, maybe I'll be the first.
    I believe in the product I'll be providing; just have to be patient, knowing that it will take some time. Here is the address to the parent company and the link to my facebook business page is!/...27783627276858. Please pay a visit and like my page. Will be staying in touch. Robert

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    Welcome to the forum, there are a lot of threads on fertilizer, myself and a few others are Organic sprayers.

    I looked at the site however I do not see any information on the product(s), generally Material Safety Data Sheets are available, and in my area required by By-Law Enforcement, what can you tell us about this product and what does it proport to do?
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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