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    Hello my name is Robert Wiles I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself I have been doing lawncare for 8 years now and finally decided its time to start my own company, I have done research looking high income areas (as we all know must people with money hire landscapers) and I have been going door to door handing out flyers I find this to work the best if anyone else has tips on how to gain more clients please share thank you to all of you this site has a lot of useful tips and very helpful members!

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    Hi Robert,

    Welcome to our forum!

    You are in a great position to grow from your previous experiences.

    What did you think about the company you used to work for? Do you reflect much on their operations and think of ways to apply the lessons you learned from them to your operation?

    What did you like or dislike about the way they ran their company?
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