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    My name is Tyler McKee.
    I'm 19 years old and I've been working for my step dad's landscaping company for about 5 years. This past year I started doing Lawn care for him also and i enjoy it a lot.
    I feel like he underpays me for the amount of work i get done and the quality of my work and i want to start a Landscaping & Lawn Care business of my own.
    I have experience running all the lawn equipment and I know the different types of grass but I'm only familiar with a small variety of plants.
    I have a lot of experience laying sod and planting,mulching,trimming,Irrigation,etc.
    I Just really don't know the best way to get my name out there.
    I Made Some Business Cards and I've put ads on Craigslist which has gotten me a few small irrigation repairs but nothing more than $100.
    I Don't know much about being Licensed and insured and the business side of it.
    I still currently work for my stepdad and for now I'm just doing small jobs on the side but i really want to go to the next step and Go into business for myself.
    He will allow me to use the lawn equipment a couple days a week for now until i can get my own.
    I Have no idea how to go about getting lawn accounts though.
    Any advice will be appreciated

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    Craigslist has been my only source of advertisement besides customers referring new people. I post daily and always make sure to go bid any new calls that day. Try and make sure they are home when you go. Take a look at the yard and landscaping before you knock. Then explain to them what exactly your services will be...for example: I'll mow the front and back. Edge along the sidewalk and walkway. Trim all the tall grass around the fencing. Then find areas that you could help out like: I could also weed the landscaping and trim back the bushes/I could add some mulch to the landscaping or I noticed the gutters were full and could get those cleaned. The more work I do, I try to make the customer feel like they're getting a deal. Say the mow is $35 and you would do the gutters for $50. Instead tell them it'd be $60 for the gutters, but since you're mowing the lawn also you'll do it for $50. Customers always want the best deal and love getting more for their money. It's worked for me and I haven't lost a customer yet.

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      Welcome to our forum Tyler!

      When you sit there and reflect on your step-dad's business, how does he attract new customers? He has been around for 5 years so he must be doing something right.

      What are some of the ways you have seen him do it?

      What kind of marketing do you do for him?

      Are you ever involved in the sales process?
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        Thanks steve.
        Most of my stepdads business comes from two local companys here.
        Roundtree Sod and Stone Plus.
        He doesn't do any advertising at all hes just reffered to people from satisfied customers so I've never done any marketing for him.
        His company isn't big, its mainly landscaping.
        he has about 15 lawn accounts so me and one other guy do those two days out of the week.
        he doesnt have any commercial accout but he has a couple high end accounts thatre like 500 a month.


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          That is very interesting, dont you think? It shows you the power of working with other businesses. If you can turn business their way, they might be able to turn business your way.

          Are you now telling everyone you know that you are going into business for yourself?

          Get some flyers made and go out and tell your neighbors.

          Do you have a truck you can get some signs on?
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            I have a ford explorer but i dont know how to go about getting a sign for it or flyers.
            ive told some people in my family and gave them cards to but thats it


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              Why not get some magnetic signs for the side of the truck, or if you are sure you are going to go through with this, get some vinyl lettering.

              You should also consider looking at our lawn care flyer templates and consider putting one together for your own use. Then get out there and start marketing your services.

              People need to know about your company if you want it to grow.
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