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    Hey Guys,
    My name is Kayce and I'm just finishing up my first year in operation.
    I like this forum better than, uh other forums, been lurking and posting every once in awhile but thought it was about time to introduce myself

    I operate in Central Florida, between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

    Here's a link to my website, it's still under construction so keep that in mind.
    Hungry Goat Lawn Service, Deltona, FL

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    Hi Kayce,

    Welcome to our forum!

    I love your website domain name and your business name.

    "Hungry GoatLawn Service

    We Promise To Not Eat Your Flowers"

    That is fantastic! You could really take that concept and run with it by having a comical goat drawn as a logo and having it eat some grass.

    That could make for amazing marketing material and uniform/hat logos.

    What did you think of your first year on operation now?

    What reflections and learning lessons do you have on it?

    Would you have done anything differently if you could restart your business again, based on what you know now?
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      I have really enjoy being my own boss. Growing my business and seeing my work immediately turned into cash is a rush for me.

      Some things I would have done differently?
      I might need more time to get perspective on that.

      I started out with junk equipment and made it a priority to upgrade to quality gear. I'm still running a homeowner 21' but I have commercial grade handhelds and blower.

      I'm on track to upgrade to a commercial walk behind in January as well as getting a better truck and trailer.

      I'm going to college on the GI Bill right now and this summer I'm not taking classes like last summer so I'll be able to focus on expanding the services I can offer my customers, without sacrificing the quality of the services I currently provide. I'm definitely taking advantage of the college library and have been accumulating a lot of quality information on lawn care and landscaping issues unique to Florida.

      I'm arranging my class schedule this spring to give me lots of time to develop new customers.
      Hungry Goat Lawn Service, Deltona, FL


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        hello fellow Landscapers! name is Don, I live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, I'm new to this forum, I have been in business part time since 1991 also working other full time jobs but this last yr I have been concentrating on building a clientele, I have commercial equipment, mowers, multi purpose tool and all attachments, so I pretty much do everything from lawn care to pruning and hedge work and weeding etc...Im wondering if anyone has some good ideas to promote my business...soo much competition here its crazy but yet low quality work, I made a free website online plus I regularilly post on craigslist free ads and have got lots of "one timers" and some reg clientele but i need this to increease till I cannot take anymore, I really want to expand the business through the roof...any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
        Don- Don's Lawns


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          nice template for a web site.

          looks good. I would add some more content to the services page. Talk about the specific services in more detail and write some more on the about us page.

          Now you just need to work on the rankings.


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            most of your site is empty. you really need to get more content there. There are several blank pages.


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              lolz this is YOU!!!! your stealing my job!!!


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              Freaken goats

              welcome to the forum
              Mountain View Greenskeeper proudly offering yard care in the East Valley of Arizona.


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                LOL great video find.

       name is Don, I live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, I'm new to this forum
                Hi Don,

                Welcome to our forum!

                Have you started with the basics and gotten your truck and trailer lettered to promote your business while you are out on the road?
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