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  • Hi everyone

    My name is Jeff and I am a fulltime solo LCO. I mowed yards on a part-time basis for years and this will be my 2nd season fulltime. I was in sales for 10 years previously and did yards in the evening. About 7 years into my sales job, I started to absolutely hate it. It was then I started my 3 year plan and exit strategy. Over this 3 year period I accumulated equipment and grew my business to the point where I was comfortable moving on from my sales position. I hope everybody here had a safe and profitable season. I had to work through a couple injuries this summer and I will be very happy to put a wrap on this year.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to our forum!

    With your background in sales, do you feel it helped you build your lawn care business?

    Do you have any advice to others on how to improve their sales technique? Maybe a top 5 things to do or a top 5 things not to do?
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