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kickin grass and takin names in OK.

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  • kickin grass and takin names in OK.

    what's up?
    New to this site, although i have been reading some of the posts for awhile. seems to have a lot of usefull info and help.

    Here in OKlahoma, started up spring 2010, have 5 regulars including a 3.5acre property, and a starbux, have done 12 landscaping projects, and an outdoor tile job, plus liquid weed spraying for my customers. some tree work too and some sprinkler repair.
    also would like to find out more about apartment contracts, and business chains ie:carlsJR..., how do you guys get the big contracts, other than by shear luck? lol.

    looking to find out what everyone else is using for their weed control spraying, and if the environmentally friendly stuff really works and is worth using price/vs/result.
    Currently using; Target, sticker, pre-m, 3-way, dye and water

    looking to find out moore about sprinkler installs???
    pricing for christmas tree light hanging, houses and outdoor-trees???
    leaf removal prices???
    local oklahoma prices for snow removal (more like relocating on their property)??
    web worm control and
    tree removal prices???? any suggestions on any or all of these topics would greatly be appreciated!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance
    A.L.L. Services llc

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    Welcome to our forum!

    How did you land your Starbucks account? Could you recreate that and apply that process to other larger commercial properties?
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      How much are you getting on that 3.5 acres per acre?
      (352)682-3094 Suwannee River, Florida 32680

      Visit my site,, Thanks!


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        to lawnmoore

        the 3.5 acre i get $355.00 once every 10 days.

        with a finishing mower, string trimming around every building, inside an outside of every fence, and the entire road line, tree, and pole, bird bath ect.
        solo=6hrs, me and 1 other person = 2.5 to 3hrs.

        hope that helps.


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          to steve

          i landed the starbux account out of shear luck, through doing another resident's lawn. no contract, but now they do their spraying through me and all their landscaping too. i wish it were through corperate so they would give me some others too.

          can you send me an e-mail instead of a reply to this
          on: what to charge for christmas lights LED per foot or however they charge comonly. I've got a guranteed job if i can just give them a price???
          I thought maybe some people wold have an idea on where to order lights from so you don't have to pay retail, too? anything would help...


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            When you are just getting into hanging christmas lights, from what we have talked about in the past, you should experiment on your own house first. Keep track of how long it takes you to do the job. Also track how many linear feet you hung.

            Then when you estimate other jobs, you will have a better idea on how long the job will take and you should be pretty close to being dead on.

            I would think you should apply your regular hourly fee to the holiday lighting service as well.

            As far as where to buy lights in bulk? I'd suggest do a search online for the best price.

            Keep us posted on how it goes.
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