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    Hey Guys,

    I'm a college graduate with a business degree and a passion for lawn care. I haven't bought any equipment or done any marketing yet. I'll start looking for clients in later winter early spring, but before I dive in I have a few questions. (If anyone could help I would be very grateful)

    1. How long does it take to mow a typical residential yard (I know there are MANY variables but I'm just looking for a rough estimate) assuming 3 people, 1 commercial mower, 1 weed eater, 1 blower.

    2. Not asking for any personal finances but what could my company expect to gross yearly assuming operating at maximum capacity (3 people) at an average price of $50 per yard.

    I'm putting together a business plan and these are a couple puzzle pieces I could use some help with. I currently make approx 35k a year, I'm making sure this is worth my time. Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to our forum.

    Have you experimented with the online business calculators yet?
    You should be able to figure out your mowing time with one of them. Base it on the size of your mower and the size of the average property in your area.

    What is your mowing season in your area? How many cuts would you do per year? Multiply that by how many cuts you would do per day and that would give you how many total cuts you would be doing in a year. Take that and multiply it by your average lawn mowing price and you would get a ballpark annual figure.

    If you do a search on here, there are a bunch of business plan examples that should help you.

    Here is a business plan example. Some of the links don't work as they point to the older forum address but there is a lot of great information in there. Let me know if it helps.
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