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    Hello ALL my name is Derek and I've been cutting grass since the tender age of 14. I currently have a part-time job but am looking to jump into the wonderful world of landscaping. I've gotten a quote for insurance and a name just waiting for steady list of clients before I pull the trigger on the insurance and getting my DBA.

    I am currently using the following
    22' Yard Machines 675 series push mower
    Echo PE-200 Edger
    Echo SRM-2100 Trimmer
    Hand me down leaf blower
    Currently using a Satrun Vue to transport my equipment (Working on getting a Truck/Trailer)
    I also have a Roybi 875r that i'm planning on getting some attachments for once I have a steady list of clients.

    So far for advertising I've passed out some flyers around my neighborhood as well as posting an ad on craigslist(gotten about 4 calls 5 emails and 1 job from here) as well as the good ole bother all your friends and family.
    I am also driving around looking for any foreclosures and giving the property managers call and introducing myself.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the longggg post! thanks!

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    Hi Derek,

    Welcome to our forum!

    It seems you are doing great so far! I think it is really important to network with everyone you know first and then spread those networking circles out farther and farther to later include people you don't know.

    Keep talking to your neighbors as well.

    The leaves will be falling soon and people will need you to help them with that.

    Have you thought about other services as well like gutter cleaning? Maybe you have more skills you could harness to offer further services?
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