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    I "started" my lawn care business in 2009. I say "started", because I think I have my own business, lol. But I want to expand, so I can have a truck/trailer and hopefully get more "customers." Know I just use my rider and a homemade trailer, push mower, and electric trimmer to get around. I don't know how to do expand it "professionally." I live in IOWA - so does anyone know iowa laws and regard to what I'm saying. Any suggestions how I can get money to get my dream? I dont have money, I dont have that many "Customers" - 3-4....

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    Just go to your local county or city office and they can direct you to what licenses that you may need. Also many state web sites are full of information on starting a business in that state.


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      Welcome to our forum!

      How did you get the current customers you have now? Could you repeat that process to get more customers? Have you been marketing to your current customer's neighbors? Do you let everyone you know, that you are now in business?

      It sounds to me like you are up and running, now it is just a matter of scaling it up bigger.
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