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    Good evening. I have watched the forum and read a lot of websites over the last two years. I am getting ready to retire from the military and have bought a lot of equipment along the way. I have bought all propane equipment and learned some good things and bad things about propane. Even though I have some retirement money coming in I have been real nervous about starting a lawn care business. I think I am ready but I worry about make sure my family is taken care of. I am trying to do everything all organic since I have all propane equipment and have learned some things about organic lawn care, any help as well as any advice would greatly be appreciated.

    Hope to have a great time here!!!!!!!



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    Welcome to the forum Rob,

    What would you say are the pros and cons of your propane equipment?

    And are you using propane weedeaters and chainsaws and trimmers or just propane lawnmowers?
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      Propane equipment

      I have been testing Lehr units ( for about a year now. I had a problem with too much oil in the system (all four stroke) but the company has fixed this, they changed the recommended level of oil. The handheld equipment (trimmer, edger and blower all run on just about an ounce of oil in the sump. The company recommends changing the oil a little more often since I am using these units for commercial use but I see that the oil is very clean even when I change it. I have been told propane burns up to 93% cleaner than gas and this will increase the engine life.

      I have not been able to see much of a difference in torque or power becasue I really don't have a side by side test with equipment the same size (engine and design). I have read that there is a slight decrease in horsepower but nothing major to write about. It is nice being able to pull the string and start using it. I hardly have to let it warm up and it seems to start almost every time. Not having to mix gas, spill gas or carry two, three or more different gas cans is nice as well.

      I have been a certified mechanic for over twenty years so I do all my own work and adjustments as it is recommended to check and adjust the valves every 25 hours as well. The owners manuals explain this in detail and provided you know the right end of a screwdriver to use you should be able to do this adjustment yourself. If you are nervous about doing this it might just be better to take into a local shop and have them do it, it would be better to make sure your equipment stays running in top condition. I am also working on putting a conversion kit on my 36" walk-behind. I bought the conversion (forgot the company's name but can get it if someone really needs it) for the exact engine I will be putting it on. Propane does not seem to be very difficult. If you are familar with the mechanics of equipment it is not much different. Propane is a drier fuel but the benefits seem to outweight the cons. Most of these fuel systems are a pressurized type fuel system with low pressure. If I remember correctly pressure is somewhere between 8-18 psi. You need to remember to disconnect the propane can or shut off the valve because if you don't you could empty the can overnight or over the course of a long day.

      I think that is about it for now. I will keep testing (and using) propane equipment and I think over the next couple of years propane equipment will continue to improve. While I like the Lehr handhled equipment I would like to see someone else offer their own version. We are starting to see more and more propane mowers and if I can swing it I am planning on going to the GIE Expo this year to see the latest and greatest items manufactures have to offer.


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        Well I am not an expert or a lawn care person at the moment, but from what I just saw on the web site it would cost over $1 per hour in fuel alone to run the trimmer alone. This is based on the 2 hour run time stated. I know for a fact that my trimmer is way less than that. I used fuel only as maintenance and purchase costs are different. Over a years time that would take a hefty chunk out of your wallet.


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          Hi Rob,

          Welcome to our forum!

          Going with an all propane equipment lineup is really unique. How do you plan on using that to your advantage in your marketing? How will you use it to make your business stand out?

          I am also working on putting a conversion kit on my 36" walk-behind. I bought the conversion (forgot the company's name but can get it if someone really needs it) for the exact engine I will be putting it on.
          I'd love to hear more about this and see some pictures of your conversion process!
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