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Hello Everyone...i'm New To This Forum

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  • Hello Everyone...i'm New To This Forum

    Hello Everyone,

    After Studying This Forum For About 3 Months I Just Decided To Register. There's Some Really Good Educational Stuff On Here About The Lawn And Landscape Industry!!!! I Got Out Of The Business In The Late 90's And Have Regreted It Ever Since. I Plan To Start Back In Business Early Spring Of 2011. Right Now I'm Getting All My Finances Together And I'm Really Educating Myself So I Can Be As Successful As Possible This Next Go Around. There Are More And More Guys Getting Into This Biz Every Year But Many Of Them Don't Last Simply Because They're Uneducated On How To Bid, Not Properly Marketing Their Business And A Lack Of Horticulture Knowledge For Knowing How To Properly Take Care Of The Grass, Shrubs, Flowers, Etc That They Are Trying To Mantain. I've Already Ran Across Several Helpful Things On This Site That I Thought "man, Why Didn't I Do That The Last Time I Was In Business"?

    I Have Some Of My Friends Tell Me That They Would Be Hesitant To Go Into This Business Because The Way The Economy Has Been, But I Don't Buy Into That. There Is Alot Of Work Out There To Be Done. It's How Bad Do You Want It? You've Got To Put Your Selling Shoes On And Go Market Yourself And Your Company. Anyway, Thanks Steve For This Great Forum And I'm So Excited About Getting Back To Doing What I Love Best. Best Of Luck To All!!!!

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    Welcome to our forum!

    I am glad to hear you are getting back into it. What made you decide to get out of the business in the past? and what made you decide to get back into it?

    That I Thought "man, Why Didn't I Do That The Last Time I Was In Business"?
    What kinds of things stood out like that so far?
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