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    hello all Im get trying to started with this business. Im trying to figure out if i should become a llc or what any ideas from you all would be great. I like the business name LOWECUTS. I have a cub zero turn with 196hours on it and weedeaters, egder, blower, and a truck and a friend of mine that is the money man. Just trying to get things going I have two yards that I have been doing they are a 1/2 acre and I charge 60 a month and cut 4 times a month. My expence is 20 bucks a month for both yards. There are other services on the same street one charges 95 with only 2 cuts a month and the others service chareging 85 with 4 cuts a month. I think if I stay at 60 a month i can get alot of yards. Am I selling myself to short. Any feed back would be great thanks alot to all that response

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    Welcome to our forum!

    From what we have seen here in the past, it is very difficult to go the route of low cost high volume. There is more money in doing fewer high end customers where you make a decent profit off of each customer.

    The problem you may find as you go, when you use a name that promotes low cost, it is hard to get away from it later after you want to get away from low profit customers.

    Try not to be the cheapest, but instead try to be the best, most reliable etc.

    As far as registering your business, why not just get a d.b.a. at first and scale it up as you grow?

    What's your view on all that?
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