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  • I Like It Hot!

    South West Florida's where I'm at, and it's hot and I like it! I like it soooooooooo Much I want to maybe start a business of my own and I got Mower's, a blower, string trimmer, edger, pole saws, chain saw, chain saw pole saw, trailer, truck to use, and shovels, loppers, and all the usual hand tool stuff.

    I would like to be in the classy areas of town like the beach and the landscaping is huge but the guy's now aren't taking care of things like they should it's a jungle out there!

    I don't have a big truck and can't haul off much and it's just me, the properties are all 2 mill Up each how can I compete with the guys' out there with no license to start but eventually asap get one and take off on my own.

    Thats where I'm at in my life and thats what brought me here, and like I said I like it hot so the outdoors is my thing, and I already do some landscaping for one resident there but he has some one else mow and stuff which looks horrible with missed weed eating everywhere and never edges, sprays for weed's but I think he uses a %100 water solution.

    I want to take his work from him but i'm not the kinda guy who likes stepping on toes either but I want my own business I'm tired of working for others

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    If you can start with smaller jobs, the larger ones will follow.

    Look around for properties that you can handle with the equipment you have now and as you grow you can scale up as needed.

    In no time at all, you should be servicing those million dollar properties!
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      sprays For Weed's But I Think He Uses A %100 Water Solution.
      Lol Lol


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