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Hello from the Florida Panhandle

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  • Hello from the Florida Panhandle

    I started a lawn and maintenance service about three months ago. The work is slowly coming in, but really enjoying being my own boss for a change. Im learning alot about marketing and advertising here on the forums. The only problem I have is finding an appropriate contract that fits me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Thomas,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Many times this is how we see contracts used.

    Early on, new lawn care businesses tend not to use them with residential contracts.

    As they have a few issues over time, they begin to use estimate forms with some contractual wording.

    Later as they run into more issues, the start to use full blown contracts.

    There are a bunch of free contracts here that you can look through and use.

    Does this help at all?
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      Welcome to the forum!

      There are a few florida locals on here, i am one of them.

      I actually use a contract i found on here . A few words changed around and i was good to go. Added some stuff, removed some stuff, decreased some stuff, increased some stuff.

      If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line. I like to bug steve on the normal basis! *nudge nudge*

      You can bug me too if you want . I am rarely offended by it.

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        I as well am a natural born Floridian,

        I havent used my first contract yet, but when i do i will be using the one memntioned above ( after i edit it to my liking also )

        We wish you luck, and like Matt, i bust everyones chops when needed so dont take offense if i do feel free to give me your corrective critisism anytime u see fit as well!
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          Welcome to the forum Thomas!
          Artie Crowley


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