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  • Hello!

    Hey guys, my name is Garrett and I'm 17 and I just started a lawn care business and I need a little help. I've already done the business cards and flyers but I feel like I'm doing something wrong seeing as how I only have one weekly customer and everyone else has just been a one time cut. Also I'm looking to get my own equipment because right now I'm using my dad's equipment, but I'm very limited on the amount of money I can spend on the equipment. I would appreciate any help.

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    Hi Garrett,

    Welcome to our forum.

    It sounds like you are doing alright so far. Don't be hard on yourself. Getting a new business going is tough work!

    What kinds of things have you been doing with your marketing material to attract the customers you have gotten so far?
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      Well ive basically just told everyone that me and my friend are hard workers and we take pride in our work and we will do our best to guarantee satisfaction or the job is free, ive also offered discounts for certain people such as senior citizens, military personnel, and police officers.


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        Tell your current customers, even the one time cuts, that you will gladly accept any referrals and offer them something for the referral, like a free cut if they refer you a weekly customer or something like that.

        Also, depending on the size of the lawns you have, your equipment should be bought accordingly. If you have small lawns then you don't want to buy a big zturn mower. But in my opinion, a 36" walkbehind mower is one of the best investments as far as equipment goes. It's small enough for smaller lawns yet big enough and quick enough for medium to larger lawns.


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