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  • Hello from Philly

    Hi,The name is Milton and I just started a little lawn care company and was wondering if it was too late to get customers being that it is late in the season. I alreadly have the fyler and business cards made I just didnt know if it would be worth it to start this year or the next. Please gave me some advice on what to do; I really want to succedd with this business!
    Thank You

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    start asap

    if you got the equitment(mower,trimmer,blower) yes start this year. you got cards and flyers made, thats great!! Start handing them out,its never too late to start! you may not get 20 customers this year but you can try to get a few. This way you have a foundation to build on for next year. You will gain a little more experiance, and bidding knowhow. get your name out there. are you going to offer snow removal in the winter? If so start getting ready for that soon as well. good luck from JGD Handyman in Cranbrook B.C. Canada


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      Starting officially Today

      Thanks you, I do have all the equipment and now have 5 customers. In the winter I will offer snow blowing as well. I'm going to get started on the flyers for winter shortly. My goal is only 20 customers this year I just want to get my name out there then pace myself for 50-100next season. Wish me Luck and Good luck to all.


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