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Hello from Maricopa, Arizona

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  • Hello from Maricopa, Arizona

    Greetings from Arizona.......

    Just Weeds is not your normal landscape business, we don't lawns, we don't trim trees, bushes or shrubs.....we just remove the weeds from residential houses and businesses.

    With the economy here in Arizona as bad as it is, we found alot of people getting rid of there landscapers and the huge amounts of money that they charge, but the people still wanted their gardens/yards to look good.

    So, Just Weeds goes to people houses and removes unsightly weeds, in Arizona most gardens/yards do not have lawns anyway, so just by removing the weeds there gardens look nice and they can relax, plus they are not paying anywhere near what a landscaper would charge.

    Also, all weeds are removed by hand, we do not use any sprays which has turned out to be another positive selling point.

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    sweet another from arizona

    I pull most my weeds as well found its cheaper n looks better in the end. Clients love my work doing it that way. Good idea just focusing weeds but you can still start a yard maintenance company in this economy. Been doing it just this year and all ready have 10 or so customers. I say or so cause 1-2 arent full time yet.

    Anyways good luck to ya
    Mountain View Greenskeeper proudly offering yard care in the East Valley of Arizona.


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      Welcome to our forum!

      It's great to have you here.
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