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Rough Start in Iowa

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  • Rough Start in Iowa

    Hi everyone I just left a FT office job of 8 years, moved accross the state for family reasons and now am persuing the dream of self employment as an LCO. As the title states I`m off to a rough start I`ve invested in my equipment, insurance and truck signs but some emergency vehicle repairs drained the advertising budget. Currently I`ve taken an ad in our utility co newsletter and posted flyers on telephone poles and am goint to start putting flyers in newspaper boxes. In June I`m going to have a little cash on hand again this will start the 3rd month of the mowing season I intend to run an ad in the paper offering a senior discount anyone got any mid season advertising ideas? or very low budget ideas I could employ now.

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    go door to door asking people if they would like a free estimate for their lawncare and hand them your business card. At the very least you will let people know about your company and they will have your business card in case they should need your services in the future.


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      JP is right

      what he said is what i do.... & it seems to work out fairly good for me


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        Ya thanks guys I`m about ready to use that method, curious do you tend to pick up one time jobs this way or have you been snagging any regulars too?


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          moved accross the state for family reasons and now am persuing the dream of self employment as an LCO
          Welcome to our forum!

          Are you around more family now? Can you get business cards out to all your family members and have them help you get the word out about your business? Maybe some of them can even hire you to cut their lawn?

          What about your neighbors? Do they all know you are in business now?
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            My friends and family are aware I`ve gotten a few to take some cards, neighbors all cut their own lawns, thinking of pushing a "new" (new for me) angle Dandelions are crazy right now I`m thinking about marketing spraying for them, would anyone know how well Trimec really works?


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