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    Hey Everyone,

    Im Jason from the North Texas area. I recently just got back into the lawn care business after 10 years of being out of it. I started 1997 when I was in high school and built a fair customer base with about 20 weekly customers. All I did back then was mow, edge, weedeat, and sweep (couldn't afford a blower) for $25-35 depending on yard. I went out after high school and got a job with a construction company, then went into a CDL truck driving job. In 2009 I hired on at UPS part-time and now in 2010 I find myself working there and trying to start a successful business again. I have started with the basics **** business cards, flyers, craigslist, postcards with discounts, and good ole fashioned hard work for my customers. So far in a monthes time I have landed 12 weekly lawn care customers, 1 big landscape job, a couple tree trimming jobs, and a bunch of clean-up jobs (leaf, trash, etc). I have noticed that in my area there is too much competition but there are still customers calling. Anyways, just wanted to tell yall hello and I that I have enjoyed the gopher forum alot so far!!!

    - Jason

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    Hi Jason,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What do you think made you want to get out of running your business and work for someone else?

    What made you now want to get back into it?
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      After much thought (10 years worth)... It has to be the fact that I was young and didn't realize what could have come of owning my own business. My Dad was an owner of a mechanic shop and he gave up on it to work as a mechanic for the construction company. They offered me a job that had benefits and steady yearly income, which my business didn't have at the time. I took me 10 years to get with a company that I could achieve my goal. That is work for a company that offered great benefits and the time off to start my own business. I work for UPS (yes the brown truck company) part-time as a yard shifter (move trailers around the yard and such). This job has the potential of being full-time in the next couple of years but in the meantime Im going to build a successful business for me and my family.

      I have read alot on this forum about people doing lawn care part-time and not too much is positive. For me lawn care is part-time and UPS is part-time but together Im working harder than most full-time people. It is funny when I load up my equipment and get in my truck by myself - then think to myself this is where I was 10 years ago. But, one day I hope to be established enough to have a full-time crew going and eventually turn it over to a foreman after I accept a full-time job with UPS.

      My conclusion is that hope and dreams can be had with hard work and dedication. And, after growing up and seeing my lost potential it makes me work that much harder to earn a customer's business.

      STEVE, thanks for the welcome and the site to get alot of ideas off of.


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        You are very welcome!

        This is a really great insight you posted.

        There are many members here on the forum who are looking to initially get into lawn care and could use your advise.

        If you could give that younger version of you advice on your first go round with what you know now, what would it be?

        What should a new business owner in their late teens be doing to find success?
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