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    hey buddies, like minded individuals like myself, its me KDVandCO I joined the forum a couple years ago, and was really excited and motivated by a lot of post on here, I just wanted to say even tho I haven't posted in a while I always check whats going on and also come on here for help or ideas. Thanks for all the emails they keep me in the game! To all who stumble upon this site make sure you save it or at least set up for their emails they literary keep you focused and ahead of the curve. I first came on here for ideas on equipment, rigs, bidding and eventually just to see whats going on. My own lawn business has grown as much as I was willing to let it. It started as a hobby and to see if could make money in my spare time. and I have enjoyed every bit of it. thanks for again for my emails keep sending them, Good luck to all out there. noobies and vets!

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    It's nice to see you posting!

    When you reflect back on the time you have had as an entrepreneur, what lessons do you feel stand out that really helped you move forwards?
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