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Im Vern owner of My 3 Sons Lawn Care & Home Repair

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  • Im Vern owner of My 3 Sons Lawn Care & Home Repair

    hi I just started my business in May 2009 . i spent alot of money for start up cost . new truck , new trailer , mower's , line trimers , gas edgers , blowers. hand tools . i think i went little crazy in that area , but i learned that IMAGE is alot if you are going to charge on the higher end of service's that i provide. business made bout 35k in the first 8 months , the first month was like 2000 and i set a goal to double that and we did . in the first 8 months we had 8 or 9 weekly customers by the end of summer . my lowest weekly was $ 55 a visit the highest weekly was $ 80 per visit . alot of 1 time cleanups . well about me , i will be 47 in april i retired from Budwiser . and invested in the really only thing i know outside of the Beer business . The right thing to do i thought . ok well i like to go camping , my kind of camping is in my 36ft motorhome , have a ski boat . and all i used in the summer time when i had 5 weeks a year vac. time .. ha ha last year i went camping 1 weekend , boat on the lake maybe 5 or 6 times . i was working bout 15 hours a day 6 days aweek . well I HAVE TO MAKE THIS BUSINESS WORK . I PUT bout 40k to start it up with. i wanna do things little different this year , so i may be asking for some help from the real pros out there . thanks guys sorry for being so long winded

    My 3 Sons Lawn Care // PS im in Washington st. north of Seattle

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    Hi Vern,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What made you choose lawn care ? Also what made you decide to buy all that equipment early on? Did you think about starting on the cheap at first? Give us some insight into all that.
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