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Starting second season need advice

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  • Starting second season need advice

    Hello I am starting my second season in northern California and I would like to start bidding commercial property eg. small gas stations and small appartment units does anyone know the requirements? The reason I am asking is I have a couple accounts that are on the board at these kind of deals and are not happy with there current provider. I know they require insurance for appartments usually a million overall gross but do I need a speciall lic. I have asked the county and they really don't know and don't regulate it as long as you pay for your lic. every year

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    Welcome to our forum!

    When you say what is required, are you asking what kind of license you need?

    This differs from state to state, county to county and town to town.

    You always have to keep your eye out for new regulations that will be made. A great way to do it is to join a local landscape association.

    But don't let any of that stop you from getting work. You need the work to grow. So get the jobs you can and keep your eyes out for new regulations you must follow.

    Keep us posted on how these commercial bids turn out.
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