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  • I need help!!

    Hey everybody, i'm new to the forum and I think its great.
    Anyway I need some help please, just some information.
    I was reacently laid off due to low work load. I managed to save
    some money, and my wife makes pretty good money. So for
    now I have money in the bank and pretty good income coming in.
    I got this idea that since i've got a lot of spare time now,and no employers
    are calling me back after posting my resume everywhere, that im going to start up a lawn business. My start up goal is to get 10-15 yards quick, like within a week. So my question is.. is that pretty easy to do, and do u guys have any suggestions on the best way for me to get these jobs.

    Yard Machine

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    1000 door to door flyers should net you 10 new accounts (statistically speaking)
    call and e-mail everyone you know ask them for their lawn and ask them to tell everyone they know. WORD OF MOUTH for the win!


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      11am - 4:30pm, get out there & ring some doorbells. Sell yourself. Don't give up.

      Put in all the effort now!

      WORD OF MOUTH FTW!!!! hahaha I agree with that!


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        Welcome to our forum!

        I think the best thing to do is to get some business cards and start handing them out to everyone you know. Get the word out to people that you are now in business and you will start seeing new customers in your mowing schedule.

        Keep us posted on how this is going.
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          As stated, I would get some doorhangers/ business cards etc. And hit the pavement. See some of my previous posts for tips but I will give you one here. DONT PASS HOUSES UP!!! Hit a street and hit EVERY house! After this, it's realluy just a numbers game.


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            Thank you all for your input. I think i have just about read every thread on this forum. It's very helpful, plus it's nice to be able to talk to a group of people with the same interest that you have (me) and get quality help from experienced people. I sold real estate for four years and was pretty successeful at untill the whole houseing market shut down. Then I got another job for a little while and not to long ago got laid off due to low work load. So what the hell does a guy gotta do?? Start a Lawn Service,? thats my plan. like I said I really appreciate your input. I have been getting my business plan prepared this week, so I will hit the streets first thing saturday morning, I'll give you an update.... Thanks


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              keep an eye on craig's list everyday for odd jobs take them to get your name out there. Make sure any job you get/do also comes with a lawn quote.

              lots of money out there to be made just keep hustling


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