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    Hey all,
    I just recently lost my job as a network engineer after thirteen years. I was told that it was due to a lack of work but they took me and the other senior man, let us go, then hired to new people off the street. Needless to say, It left a bad taste in my mouth for corporate america! After much research, I've decided to start a lawn care business. I've already got licensed, insured, and fortunately had money to start with so I bought a brand new zero turn package with cash which saved me quite a bit of money. I found this site while browsing for marketing information. I'm glad that I did. Nice job guys! I haven't but one customer so far and that is my wife's employer. My thoughts at the present are to print flyers and go door to door but if anyone has anything else that would help me quicker please let me know. I will appreciate any help and will contribute to the site for many years to come. Thanks and talk with you soon.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your job.

    It's a good thing you jumped on board now, everyone has been working on their flyers & advertisements.

    The best thing to do above all, is meet with people & discuss your services with them in person.

    Feel free to ring the doorbells of the neighbors beside your current lawn customers. I could imagine that they'd be seeing you around often & they might consider hiring you.

    Nothing beats a personal approach.

    I was wondering if you have made any business cards for your business yet?

    check this site out,

    You could also get company shirts & such, & doing so doesn't hurt!

    You can look as goofy as me, but with a company shirt potential customers will take note of your professionalism.

    I wish you the absolute best!


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      Thanks a lot Breeze! I have talked with a spe******t at my local small business admin. and he helped me with licensing and stuff and gave me a coupon from vistaprint. I'm currently creating business cards, truck magnets, and possibly a few t-shirts to get started with. I'm waiting for my business debit card so that I can order them through the business as opposed to using personal money. Thanks for the reply and for the good luck wishes. I am in Roanoke, Va. and it's still cold...24 degress with 50 mph winds right now but spring is just around the corner! Take care and I look forward to a good year and hope the best for you too.


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        Word of mouth has been my best and free advertisement. There is one cost though and that you have to make sure you do quality work. You will be recognized and you will be better paid because of your work. Something to keep in mind.


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          Hi Mike,

          Welcome to our forum!

          Now is the time to work your social network and let everyone know you are in business! Hand out business cards to everyone you know and meet.

          I haven't but one customer so far and that is my wife's employer.
          Great job on getting your first customer. Can you tell us a little on how you landed that customer? How did you utilize your social network to turn an acquaintance into a customer. I think this will teach you and everyone else reading this, how it is done!
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