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    Hi my name is Jeff and I'm located in southern IN. I do not have a lawn care business yet, but plan to start one this coming summer. I have been experimenting with snow removal these past few weeks just using my rancher 350 4x4 and a 48" plow. As of now my equipment includes: a '99 silverado 4x4, rancher, 48" plow, a "snow path" hand plow, and a salt spreader. I enjoy spending my weekends at the local ski resort in the winter, or the lake during the summer. I became interested in lawn care after working at a local corn maze and maintaining approximately 10 acres a week for them on a scag wildcat. I stumbled upon this website by accident, and found most of the information I've read to be extremely helpful. Thanks, Jeff

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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What kinds of things are you planning on putting together before you get your lawn care business started?
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