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  • hello

    I'm from San Benito, a very small town deep in south Tx, approx 25miles from the South Padre Island. when I was young I used to cut grass cut for my neigbors & school teachers, I always liked having a little bit of cash on me, I'm older now & I still have a little bit of cash on me. Times are hard, I started again about 4 years ago doing the place of business where I work full time, I also started cutting for this older lady at the neighborhood that I moved in to about 5 years ago. people have come to me & asked me to their lawn & landscaping, I only have 5 steady customers, the place where I work just recently moved, I lost that cut, thank GOD I still have my job, that cut used to pay for my truck, now I really got to get me some cuts I would appreciate it if someone could send to links on how samples on how bids should look like.what I do for fun is fish thru the night when I get a chance . thanks in advance for the bid form links!

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    go door to door with flyers
    bid by the seat of your pants
    you know how much you need to make and how long the job should take
    get referrals from your current customers
    alway clover leaf: this is where you always put flyers on the house surronding your customers.

    good luck


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      Have you looked through the free lawn care template section yet? There is a lot of information in there.

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