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Hi Everyone! from Ornamental Tree & Shrub LLC in Molalla, OR

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  • Hi Everyone! from Ornamental Tree & Shrub LLC in Molalla, OR

    I opened my own business in 2005 specializing in Plant Health Care as I had been doing this for the past 22yrs. My husband (OTS) a professional tree climber/arborist decided to retire and help me/us build our company.
    I started with just doing plant health care - insect/disease treatments, micro-injections, deep root ferting etc. When my husband came on board we added landscape maintenance as he had all his own gear - chainsaws, hedgers, ladders, climbing gear, string trimmer, blowers etc.
    We have a spray truck with a 300G tank, chip truck, chipper etc.
    We have now decided it would be a good idea to add lawn service for our clients. Great idea Hubby!
    So as you guys can see we are the newbies as far as lawn service goes. I plan on sending a mail merge to all our clients letting then know.
    At the moment we only have a small mower. As we get lawn clients we will upgrade to keep it managable for a husband and wife team.

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    Welcome to our forum!

    That sounds fantastic! How did you get the idea to start such a company?

    How was it as a woman starting it? There are a lot of wives on here that read the forum and I bet your insight could inspire them to consider starting a business themselve.

    What kind of advice would you offer them?
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      Welcome to the Forum!
      Happy New Year!
      Artie Crowley


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