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  • Hi from Earlie's Lawn Cuts

    Hi All,

    My name is Ben and I live in Fleming Island, FL. I started my business last March. I retired from the military and since I love to cut grass I decided to start this to keep me from getting lazy. This summer was not bad for my business, got off to a slow start but am excited about the future. Don't want to get rich, but want to stay busy and happy. I also like to fish, garden, and I try to play golf. Looking forward to this site.

    P.S. I named my business after my grandfather. He was a dirt farmer and now I'm a yard grass farmer.

    Take care, Ben

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    Welcome Ben,

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      Welcome Ben!! Look around and enjoy yourself.

      Thanks for your service to our Great Country!

      P.S. Contact me here, by PM, or on my forum with power equipment questions.


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        Hi Ben,

        Welcome to our forum! How do you feel your military background has helped you with your business? Have you ever had a chance to run any other businesses?
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          Starting Out

          Hi Steve,

          Putting retired military on my business cards/door hangers has helped out some due to this being a big military town. I have several clients who are still on active duty or have retired. Those on active duty are deployed from time to time and like to have their lawns taken care of while they are gone. I also give active duty a discount, due to the service they perform to our country. I too was in their shoes for 26 years and know what its like being deployed and having a home. Other than that, my back ground in the service has taught me to plan and organize my time better. I was taught "time management" and how to set small goals at 1st. I still have a long way to go. I started out small this past summer and want to expand each upcoming season. I still like a challenge, and so far starting this has been one. I can see me doing this for some time to come. Never had another business before, this is my first.

          I have a lot to learn.


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            You bring up a lot of interesting points.

            First off, in the past we have discussed including one's military background in their business marketing. Some have felt comfortable doing this while others haven't.

            What is your view on how a veteran can best utilize their military history in their marketing to help position themselves and their business as being different from others. How best can you utilize this information? Is there a point that a veteran should not take it? Or should a veteran feel, they put their time in and they should be able to use it in their promotions as much as they want?

            Also, how much planning do you feel a new lawn care business owner should be doing? How far ahead should they be looking in their planning?
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              Welcome to the forum!
              We have a lot of Floridians here!

              Artie Crowley


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