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  • Kingston ON. Eh!

    Yup. Canada.. Eh...

    Hi all. My name is Brad, and I live in Kingston On. I have worked in some sort of Lawn Care/landscaping for the better part of 10 years. Started out cutting feilds upon feilds of tall grass with a weed waker. (Empty building lots, about 125 in total) Then I stepped up to lawn care and landscaping for a VERY VERY VERY large organization (think Canada) Not that we do anything for the public, but we had a large are to maintain.

    After about 6 years of that, I decided that I am sick of working for some one else. Their Rules, their times, their money... And they way things work where I am is just terrible. Too many systems. So last fall I started doing stuff on my own. It orginally started with a friend, but when we got our first job, and he set the times to do it, then bailed the night before, stating he had something else to do, I figured it was better to just go it alone.

    Any way, things were looking up, I got a really good customer last fall just for fall clean up, and talked to her a little about her wreck of a yard. Just like was being mentioned in the up selling thread, I planted a sead and let her run with it. I did a little snow over the winter with a blower and shovel, and then come spring my old customer called me for some work. At the end of the year she has paid me close to $5000. Not bad for one person.

    I still work my full time job, only because things are too slow to quit it yet, and the benifits and perks are just too good sometimes.

    The main reason it has been slow for me was because in early June, I seperated my shoulder, and was not able to move it for almost 8 weeks. That really hurt me, but I am better, and starting to pick up.

    As far as Marketing (cause after a couple days of lurking on the forum I know Steve will ask) I really have not done much. Regular ads on Kingston Kijiji, Really nice Business Cards, and word of mouth. Word of mouth has worked the best for me so far. That one customer I had last fall, and again this year, her Father in law just built a house, and needs the whole yard done. Right from design, and clearing, right down to the last details. I am really looking forward to it. But ya, word of mouth is the best. And I recently got an ad in the yellow Pages.. That should help too..

    Anyway, look forward to my time on this site..


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    Hi Brad,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What's your game plan for the Fall and Winter now? Are you trying to hit a certain amount of customers as a goal?
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      Ya.. Game plan.. Whats that?? haha.. My plan for snow splowing is 10 customers... I think that is a good number for me. I did up to 6 at certain times last year with only and old, crappy blower, and this year I have a plow.

      As far as fall, Its kind of my time to get all my ducks in a row. I have an 11 month old son, and a very busy house, so if I am not working, I am busy at home. Very busy.. I dont mind not having fall customers, although it does hurt the bank account a little.

      Last year I was driving a 2wd Chev 1/2 ton. It was in rough shape, and I needed something that my son could go it, so this year I bought a 98 GMC Jimmy, and big, nice trailer, and a plw for it. I did some research about the truck before I bought the plow. It seems its a good pick. They are small, and easy to whip around in tight spaces. Only problem is, the only plows you can get for them are personal plows. I did some real searching for the plow. Most personal plows are controled by a winch and you have to get out to tilt. I ended up finding one that is all hydrolic, up down left right and down pressure. But I paid out the nose for it. But again, after researching it, I am sure I will be happy..


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        It sounds like you are on the ball with everything! Keep us posted on how everything goes with you this winter!
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          Congratulations Brad! Member of the Month!!!

          Welcome to the Forum!
          Artie Crowley


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            Member of the month!! Crazy.. Not sure how it works, or what I deserved to get it, but thanks all!!

            Update... Man oh man.. If every week could be like this one I would be able to quit my day job.. Not that I have done a ton of jobs, but I have been getting tons of calls and emails all week.. And because of Daylight savings I only have about an hour and a half after work to get anything done... I am soding a lawn right now, and only have 3 hours over 2 days into it!! Its frickin pissin me off.. But tonight I brought a big light!! It should get done today!


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              That is fantastic! What do you attribute all the calls and emails to? Why do you think it is picking up?
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