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    Hello, My name is Brian and I was recently layed off my job, I use to work retail. Me and a friend of mine are hoping we can make money doing fall cleanup. We have a riding mower and a leaf mulcher that you attach to back of mower. I also have a regular leaf blower. I want to make flyers but wasn't sure how to word it so I decided to check online and I came across this site. The problem is we don't know how much to charge. I will be blowing the leaves and my friend will be driving mower with mulcher to pick them up. I don't want to charge too high because I want to get customers, but don't want to charge too low because we are trying to make money. We live in Virginia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Welcome to the forum Brian!
    Artie Crowley


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      Hi Brian,

      There are a bunch of articles on pricing leaf cleanups on my blog here

      Check them out, I am sure they will help.

      Keep in mind your expenses will differ from others. The lower you can keep your overhead costs, the lower you can get away with charging and still make a profit.

      Also, play around with the lawn care business estimation calculators here

      They should give you more insight.

      Keep us posted on how all the marketing goes. I want to hear more updates
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        Welcome to the forum Brian!

        Consider contacting other businesses as a potential customer to find out how much they charge for a yard with XXXX amount of square feet and see how they charge. Also try to determine your exact cost of doing business. Basic costs will be how much will your mower, mulcher, and blower cost per hour to operate.

        Here is some help on finding your costs.


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