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  • Hello From Canada

    Hi all, my name is Anthony and my goal is to start up my company (haven't selected a final name yet) in the spring of 2010. I really enjoy this site and am looking forward to reading and learning from y'all! I am currently taking the Lawn Business school lectures and learning a lot.


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    Hey Anthony,

    Welcome to the forum. What are you trying to do as for marketing for spring 2010. Try and spread the word out as many different ways as you can.

    #1 Marketing rule - K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple stupid.

    What part of Canada are you from ?

    I am located in Ontario

    Hope to here more of your questions on the forum,

    Don't be shy


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      Welcome to the Forum!

      Great to have you here!

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      Artie Crowley


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        Hi Anthony,

        Welcome to our forum!

        Have you thought about services you could offer now to start getting customers and get a jump on next Spring?
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