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  • Howdy from Houston, Texas

    Hello everyone.
    i Joined after googling to no avail searching for a mentor/colleague in the business after having so many complications arise. We started a mowing company about 4 months back with a trailer and a couple of mowers. Starting with 2 workers and averaging a workweek of 10 houses. Now we have in those 4 short months... expanded into having 110 steady houses and came on here for advice on many things. I hope I can find someone in the Texas area that has similar pricing/trials tribulations that I'm experiencing. I am hoping in diversifying my working portfolio and a landscaping company that onyl does mowing, occasional fertilizing, and mulching is just a start for me. Talkin to people in the business around, we have come a quick way up from nothing, but it still seems we are not enjoying the fruits of our hard labor. It still seems a relative success to know we're still in the game and gettin calls everyday though.
    I'd like to know how everyone else is coping and share/exchange my dilemmas for insight. Thank you everyone!
    Hadi Maniar

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    Hi Hadi,

    Welcome to our forum!
    after having so many complications arise.
    What kinds of situations did you find that created problems for your startup and how do you feel you overcame them? Are there still some that are causing you problems?
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      Welcome to the Forum!

      Great to have you here!

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        Welcome to the forum.
        Please explain more on what you mean by
        (but it still seems we are not enjoying the fruits of our hard labor.)

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