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    New LCO here in sunny central Florida. Lost my desk jockey job after 11 years and said Heck I'm only 48 I can do this I see all these young bucks in nice trucks, nice trailers, and bright shiney mowers. Took my money and bought 2 used mowers, a stick edger, A Awsome Crapsmen 4stroke joke, a blower and a used trailer. Hooked it all up on my Ranger and have just about starved to death along with the threat of divorce, but hey the phone has started ringing. Been doing a little with a bank, a realitor, a some very loyal homeowners that I owe a lot to.
    My motto " always give the customer more then they expect"
    Planning on being here for a long time to come
    A big thanks to Steve for this forum, with it and everyone on it I know I can do it!
    60" EXMARK & 32" LESCO WB

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    Hi Jay,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What kind of work did you do at the desk job? How does that compare now to doing what you are doing?

    Had you ever run your own business before? What's your view on the experience so far?
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      i dont think it matter's what kind of equipment you have because I don't think anyone out there that your doing the work for knows the difference. They might who know's. As long as you started is the main focus right now. Once you start collecting phone calls and clients and start turning those calls into $$$ then think about newer equipment. It's hard starting out you want to be so far ahead then you buy equipment and you buy gas and trim lines and ladders and whaetever else you look at what your spending rather at what is in front of you and you start second guessing and saying things to yourself. The calls will come in. absolutley. My neighbor's fiance's dad...he is about your age tad older has 40 some clients. almsot the same set up as your describing...truth is he makes money. if he can we all can.

      get some business cards made up.....
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        Welcome to the forum MikeO!

        I like your positive attitude! Good stuff, You will do great!!!
        Artie Crowley


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