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  • The Future of Lawn Service

    Technology is always progressing so I thought I'd do some brainstorming with you guys on what to expect. Feel free to dream!

    They already invented shovels that throw snow as you dig it, so far they suck but it's a good start. Kinda lame honestly.

    We've all seen the videos with the mowers that work without the aid of man. All you do apparently is set up a perimeter & the robot does the rest.

    What would help us do our work better & more efficiently?

    It would be awesome to have a glove with a light weight hedge trimmer attached to it. The glove would add extra support from your entire forearm, & would fit comfortably. It will run only as long as your hand is in the fist position. I believe it will add adroitness & precision. Overall, it will look cool & make Wolverine look like a panzy.

    I saw in some horror movie, the killer tossed some sort of net on his victim & it slowly tightened until the victim was sliced & diced by the net.

    Maybe there is a way to make a powerful net that we can throw around trees or PITA customers, and just watch everything get sawed up without any real effort!


    Or how about some sort of legal liquid that actually disintegrates weeds in seconds without damaging stone or wood. I'd like to call in a napalm strike on one of my customers gardens.


    Or shoes that can tell us the quality of the ground its on.. How wet it is, how soft, lmao! "ALERT!!! You stepped in dog poop"

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    Maybe something like this?

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      Two words... Laser Trimmer. No more line to replace.


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        Two words... Laser Trimmer. No more line to replace.
        That would be too cool!


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