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  • What Mowers Do You Have?


    I'm interested in buying a stand on Toro mower. Personally I think they are more fun to ride, especially when your sitting in a truck driving around town all day.

    The only downfall I can think of is not having a low center of gravity, & eating branches off trees when I least expect it.

    The question is, which model should I get?

    I need a mower that cuts well. I used many Dixie's & found that they do poor work, & can't keep up with me as far as quality goes.

    As for a Walker, my dream machine... I used it many times, as for purchasing I think it's too soon & I need to research more, as to where the parts come from etc.

    My dealer is all about Toro, so I'm sure the service I'll get will be best.


    "What mowers do you have, & how much did you purchase them for?"

    Please state if you are Canadian/American so I can see what prices I may be looking at.

    Maybe I'll change my mind & choose something you guys recommend.

    Every time I call the shop I forget to ask... I mind as well take an hour drive up there & peek around.

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    What about the Walker mowers? It seemed like Chuck just loves them over his ztr.
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      I've got 2 Husqvarna, one ZTR and one tractor. I have a John Deere push mower too.

      I am from Canada eh :P

      I payed 8400$ for my ZTR + taxes (13%)


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        Get yourself a great dane or everride stander. I picked up 2 this spring for under
        $3800 each. They were demoes with like 2 hours on them. Wright Standers are great also but are expensive. The grandstand your talking about is expensive also.


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          I just called my dealer & asked about the Toro Grandstand...

          $8000.00 give or take, 50-60+ month plan, low interest rate.

          Sounds pretty neat!

          Anyone think the walkers price will go down next year?

          It's killing me, I've wanted one for so lonnnng!!!!


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            I have a 2008 Toro 48" Z Master, 21 Kawasaki, with the Turbo Force Deck. Picked it up off Craigs List with 109 hours on it, in pristine condition. Paid $5100 for it.

            In time I would like to get a Grandstand, when we get alittle bigger, and they come out with a smaller deck. Am thinking the Grandstand would be perfect for the backyards with the smaller gates.


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