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Need help with mower.

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  • Need help with mower.

    Hey guys. I am currently looking to get a new zero turn because my dixie chopper is pretty tired and i came across this mower in the link below. Is the mower in the link really worth $4500???? How low do you think i could offer this guy to buy it????? thanks as always!

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    Have you priced new ones of that size? What are they going at?
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      I have asked to guys with lawn care services and have asked 2 local dealers and they all agree that back in 2001 that mower was anywhere from $9,000 to $10,500 depending on what options it had and if it had a vac system on it at time of purchase. Im thinking it is QUITE old for a commercial mower being a 2001, but it only has a little over 200 hours which of were residential. I can find exmark lazer Z's and many other leading brands like scag, john deere and toro with 60in decks and around 1500 hours everyday, but what this mower has going for it is that the engine is just barrely broken in with 200 hours and it looks emaculately taken care of for it's age. I was thinking about offering him around $2,900......Maybe as much as $3,100 if i can't find a SINGLE thing wrong with it. Im just thinking because of it's age it may have problems in 3 or 4 years. What's your's or anyone else's take on my little one man debate here???? hahaha!!


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        I think it sounds like a pretty fair deal. I bought my Exmark Lazer Z for $3800 (they were asking $4500) and it was used. It had 1400 hrs on it, however the guy who owned it took great care (mechanically) of it. It's a 2004 with a 27hp 60" cut. I'm happy with it. Some guys would tell ya getting one with that many hours would be a mistake, however it all depends on how well the mower was serviced and maintained. The only thing I replaced when I got home with it was the mule and deck belts, and that was only because I wanted to start the season out with fresh new belts. The old ones have their place under the rear seat of my truck in case I need backup.
        Heck 200 hrs...that baby's just learning to walk. You might not get him to budge much on price. Heck give it a shot. One thing's for sure tho, I'd go see this thing in person before I made any financial arrangements. I'd wanna hear her run and mow a strip before I'd even consider talking money.
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          thanks man


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