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Rainy Day Mower Maintenance

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  • Rainy Day Mower Maintenance

    So the grass is moist, but you cut it anyway. This happens to everyone I'm sure.

    You check under the deck of your mower to see that the cut grass is caked on.

    Your mower weighs a few extra pounds, & it's not happy. You need to remove the clogged & caked on grass from under the deck.

    What do you do?


    What I do:
    I lug around a heavy & flat stone. I would tilt the mower so that the handle bar is on the ground, & the blades & deck are seen & easy to work with.

    I place my stone onto the handle bar carefully, making sure not to damage my baby. The stone keeps the mower tilted so I don't have to hold or lift it.

    I always have a thick wire brush & putty knife. The putty knife enables me to scrape the debris off my mower. The wire brush loosens the debris around nuts/bolts/screws etc.

    I made this post so people remember what to have kept in their trucks, these simple tools might come in handy & save you valuable time!

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    Deck washout ports

    Some decks are coming with washout ports now. You attach a waterhose to a port atop the deck. Water spray is supposed to clean the deck. I've not tried one yet so I can't report. Hoping to test one soon.

    Also, FluidFilm may help reduce the stickiness of your underdeck.

    Start a profitable lawn care business.


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      This is why some folks have goats. Only problem is that goats, though they clean out themselves, they leave the crud where ever is convenient for them.......

      On a more serious note, try a product called "mo-deck" if you can't find it locally let me know and I can ship some to you. It seems my price would be about $6.95 US + shipping. Mo-deck is a product you spray on the bottom of your deck and keeps the grass from sticking..... Good luck.


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        The Deere units I have come with a wash out port, attach a garden hose, fire them up and let them run for about a min.

        Once a month I spray the underside of the deck with a Teflon spray, do the same to the ATV's, grass for the most part will not stick, we was the decks at the end of every day to keep everything clean.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          I can ship some to you. It seems my price would be about $6.95 US + shipping.
          I will take note of that, thanks!


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