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Any Suggestions For Truck Trimmer Rack?

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  • Any Suggestions For Truck Trimmer Rack?

    Hi everyone

    I am new to landscape business (lost job). Just bought a 2002 GMC Sierra reg cab 8ft box. Cannot afford a trailer yet. Any suggestions on a trimmer rack for the side of my truck box? Or something to hold my trimmer in the box without bouncing around? If you have pictures can someone please send them to me. Or a truck accessories website with what I need.


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    Check out a thread I had posted a while back about the racks I built for my trailer.

    I have wood sides built on my truck & if you added them to yours I imaging you could make similar racks & attach them to the sides that way.

    To view the side rails on my truck check out this thread:


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      Starting out on the cheap. Here's one that will cost you a dollar or free if you can find one in your house.

      Look for 2 bungee cords, take them out to your truck and wrap them in the slat holes you have on the truck bed. You care secure the line trimmer that way till you get your trailer (keep the line trimmer inside the truck bed when securing LOL). Make it tight so it won't bounce around anymore.

      It may be one way to save some money when starting a new adventure... I hope it helps.


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