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    1. Download Google Earth, you will be able to count up a decent number of potential customers, & know how many fliers/cards to carry with you.

    2. Keep track of streets you pass fliers to, so you can plan your next run, or avoid going to soon!

    3. New areas, some are nice, some aren't. You might waste a few fliers if the new homes don't have grass installed! When your handing out fliers, sometimes your mind is lost & your not aware of this.

    This kills me to give away, but it's amazing to print large scale maps!
    4. Know your route, if your trying to take over a city, it's best to do it in sections. Now you can!

    5. When your passing out fliers, always have a nice pen & your customer sheets ready. You never know if someone might be drunk & ready to hire you on the spot!

    6. When talking to your customers, you must be confident, similar to picking up woman. The best way is to act like you don't NEED them as customers, keep things short & simple with a bit of flavor. Make a conversation they are interested in, and throw in the fact your handing out fliers for your service when the time is right, keep it brief & move on!

    Just some silly & amazing tips!

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    Very interesting ideas! Thank you for sharing them!
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