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measuring wheel and job estimate

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  • measuring wheel and job estimate

    I Was Reading A Lawn Care Business Book, And It Said That The Measuring Wheel Helps Calculate Sq. Footage Needed To Obtain The Hourly Rate. Does Anyone Else Do This? Or Do You Just Charge By The Hour By Guestimating The Total Amount Of Time?

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    I think ultimately the goal is to create a formula. How much you need to charge per sq ft or per 1,000 sq ft.

    You can figure out how long it takes you to mow 1,000 sq ft.

    You can also figure out your hourly expenses. Use the free calculators here if you haven't done so yet.

    Then when you have a new customer, you can measure the property, find the area of lawn to be mowed, plug it into your formula and come up with a price.

    The more scientific and formula based, you can make your business, the more you will find consistent levels of profit, regardless of the size of the property.

    Does this help?
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      yes it does, thanks alot steve!


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        Calculating the area.

        Once you are practiced, you can eyeball it.

        I am a fan of knowing the area of a job. This helps you take an academic approach to estimating instead of crossing your fingers and hoping it doesn't take you longer than expected. This is especially important with larger jobs.

        I have several tools in my quiver to estimate job size:

        1) Walking the area. Approx. 3' per stride
        2) Measuring Wheel
        3) GPS with area calculation
        4) Google Earth Pro with area calculation tools.

        Here's a video I did last year to help explain the process of using a measuring wheel:

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