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How Will The Economic Downturn Affect Your Business?

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  • How Will The Economic Downturn Affect Your Business?

    Let's face it some customers are going to cut lawn care from their already tight budgets.

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    It does make you wonder what other services you can offer that will always be in need. Can you do any home maintenance or repairs? Things that the average person can't or won't do. If you can do it, they will hire you.
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      Economic Darwinism

      Strong companies that survive economic downturns are the ones who know how to use cash wisely and position themselves correctly.

      Offering quality work is more important now than ever. Customers aren't looking just for some guy who can cut their grass. Customers are looking for companies that can protect the investments they've made on their lawn and landscaping with proper fertilizing and pruning techniques.

      On a personal note, purchasers of my lawn care business materials look to me for the latest information on the correct lawn equipment for their needs. This is why my people and I are constantly attending trade shows and furthering our education. In fact, I spent most of yesterday sitting through an Integrated Pest Management training course.
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