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  • Buying Lawn Care Accounts

    I no someone that is looking to sell 100 Lawn maintenance accounts. But i havent gotten the chance to sit down with him to discuss business. We plan to negotiate sometimes during december. Does anyone knows how this works? How much do single accounts normaly sold for?


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    There has been a lot of discussion in the past on this. I think you could do a search on the forum and find tons of info. I know Steve knows a lot about this. If I remember correctly, most accounts are worth what they pay per month. A $150 per month account should be worth about $150 to purchase. More or less depending on things like length of contract, or lack of contract, etc.
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      Hi Lou,

      I try to organize this stuff as much as possible. Check out my blog. I have a section on buying lawn care accounts.

      The third article might be the best one for your situation

      Let me know how this works out and how the negotiations go.

      If you have further questions please feel free to post them.
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