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    I had a very strange situation the other day. Myself and my two business partners were out estimating a job and a neighbor called the cops on us! The house we were estimating is up for sale and we are quoting the price to the realtor who is then going to pass on the information to the seller.

    We thought nothing of what we were doing, and as we were leaving the neighborhood, two cop cars surrounded us.

    My question is: do I tell the client/realtor? It was incredibly embarrassing! We were doing absolutely nothing wrong, we think that the woman was actually being racist. The woman never apologized and said that she was just looking out for the neighborhood, she said she was part of the Neighborhood Watch. If the Neighborhood Watch catches wind, will we still not be trusted in that cul-de-sac?

    Any advice? I don't want the realtor to hear about it from someone else, but I also feel embarrassed and like we did nothing wrong in the first place.
    Has this ever happened to anyone else? It seems like it could since Lawn Care Pros sometimes arrive when no one else is home.

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    What an interesting situation.

    Tell me this, do you have any commercial signs on your vehicle that would give an indication you are a lawn care service? Were you wearing any tshirts or anything like that, that would project the image you were running a lawn care business?
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      Bizzy Bodies.

      It is annoying when neighbors of your customers are obnoxious.

      I have had many more customer's neighbors yell at me over the years than customers themselves. One bizzy body literally cussed me out because the lawn I was cutting had been allowed to grow too tall. It was my first time ever servicing that client. The guy was a jerk and I just told him to mind his own business.

      When things like this happen, you just have to find the positive aspects of it. Think of it this way; the nosey neighbor who called the cops on you probably knows everyone in the neighborhood. Turn this situation around and make her realize you are not a criminal. Instead you are just trying to grow your business. Get her to like you and she may become your best word-of-mouth advertiser telling everyone she knows about your great work.

      It is difficult to look for the bright side when you've been wronged but when you're in business for yourself, it behooves you to look for the silver lining.

      Start a profitable lawn care business.


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        This reminds me of a quote from president Lyndon B. Johnson

        "Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There's nothing to do but stand there and take it."
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          Thanks for the positivity!

          It helps a lot to hear such positive responses. We decided to let that job go. We just didn't feel comfortable dealing with that neighborhood, the woman was just a little too viscious (and truly used one too many curse words and racial remarks to make us feel comfortable). I had tried to reason with her in such a calm and cool manner and she was not responsive. We are still feeling great about our business and know that as many times that we will have to deal with hard situations there will always be a better situation right around the corner. We are actually too busy right now to take on that job, which is a good feeling considering we've only been in business three months!

          So, thanks again for helping me look at the bright side, because there always is one. And in the future I will definitely take your advice as far as making the neighbor change her mind about us. I am a charmer!


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            I thank you for sharing your insight with us because I am sure many others reading this have experienced the same thing. Keep moving forwards. There are many people out there that would love to stop you and stop us all from doing anything. Don't let them stop you.
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              Wow! What a bummer!

              Making special note: Come up w/a business name and get T-shirts made.

              Can maybe give some help on the sign on the car/truck for beginners on short income. I got plastic letters from Home Office, 3", and just put LEAF REMOVAL MOWING & (Phone number) on back window. It really looks pretty good. On a truck, I think I'd put it on the tail gait as it's hard to get close enough to read stuff on the back window of a pick up.

              Then when you get some bucks you can worry about a painted sign or a magnetic sign for sides of your vehicle.

              All this gives you some really mobile advertising too.



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                Here's a site to get magnetic signs.



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