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    Does anyone have a suggestion on contacting past clients? I have a few clients that left when I started out just for the reason I did not have enough labor at the time to keep up with the work. I am looking to send a letter as I am better organized at this point in time.

    Also, anyone needing help with accounting, taxes, etc. I am a tax accounting during the winter(no plowing for me!&#33 and would like to help all that need.

    Mike Muldoon
    Long Island, NY

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to our forum. What got you started in the lawn care business?

    If you are looking to contact previous customers, there are a bunch of customer letters and newsletters in the free letter section here;t=1541

    We could always use tax advice and tax preparation services. I am sure the more others are aware of you, the more they will contact you! Please jump in with responses to others posts and that will help your awareness grow!
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