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need help with bonds and insurance

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  • need help with bonds and insurance

    What kind of bond and insurance is the best one to get for the lawn care buisness, and where is the best place to go to get it?[I]

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    Hi ehagstrom,

    Are you currently running a lawn care business or are you planning on getting started?
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      I got mine from my local Auto Insurance company, FARMER'S. They offered the business liability and tied it together with my Commercial Vehicle Insurance in one package. You don't have to be bonded to do only maintenance, but if your doing any type of installation (over $500 worth) in my state its required.


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        Not sure where you live but general liability is easy to get from most insurance co's. Aburlison is correct on the bonder thing, I want to add; some commercial/industrial companies will required they are to be listed on the policy as the insured and have a bonder to cover any accidents or distruction to property and or non-company owned property, as a second means of coverage that may be over the amound of the insurance coverage , your insurance aggent can help with this bonder issue.

        Good Luck


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          [I] Thanks, I am new to the buisness and am looking forwrd in making it big. I am in the process of getting all the preliminary work done with bonds, website, ins. etc. I just had "Plan it Graphics design my logo and biz cards, they look incredible if I may say so, Thanks Bob!
          I am trying to find the cheapest insur. and bond. I just purchesed a solicitors bond as it is required where I live (Oklahoma). It is also my understanding as some one said, I am not required to have a bond to actually do a service as far as mowing, unless I get into digging and more landscape work, thats if I understand it correctly. I am an LLC, and am cuttiing up downed trees as we had a big ice storm hit. This is new to my son and I. and am open to excellent stratagies!

          Ed Hagstrom


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            Can you post your business cards and logo so we can take a look?


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              I sure can, Here is what BOB did for me, at Plan it Graphics,


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