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    Downloaded the gopher software this morning. I have been looking at it for sometime now. I would love to say how awesome I know it is ,however I have a wee problem.Im getting an error and I dont know on whos end its on so Im wanting to see what the pro's think
    the software is not suitale for running ms-dos and microsoft windows applications. choose close to terminate the application.


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    Hi westco,

    Try this, download the latest install here. Then install it. See if it works, if not let us know.


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      Well thanx a million. the update loaded fine and I,m actually in the program now. I am getting this error now when I click on almost every tab though. Here is the error see what you think.
      I/O errorfor file "C:\PROGRAM FILES\DITECH\GOPHER2004\GOPHER2003.GDB "
      Error while trying to open file. The system cannot find the file specified.

      Good luck and thanx for the help.


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        Looks like bigger troubles...getting the error mentioned in the previous post on everything and I mean everything,also when going to the invoice or all that you enter info in when you click edit or new it gives a "transaction not active" notice. I went to the company edit info area and pulled up where to enter company name and noticed I couldnt type anything it then locked up and had to control alt delete to end the task.
        so its most likely an easy fix just out of my area hahaha


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          Hi westco,

          Go to Options then the Database tab and click on the folder button. Locate the .gdb file which should be located in program files/ditech/gopher2003 or program files/ditech/gopher2004
          That should get rid of the error. If not let us know.


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