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    See ya!!!!


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        if you guys don't understand that business is PRIVATE, then what more can i say? it's like banging my head into a brick wall on this thread.

        to all of you, not just you dr. grass - i am not just writing back to you - if you don't get it by now, one last time - the (caps are used politely to express a point, not to yell) IDEA is THIS,

        we as users, have access to, one forum which is NOT public to all other users (i.e. non registered users, google indexing services, etc.)

        the forum is still public, but one "part" of the forum is "members only"

        one last time, this "members only" forum is not accessible to non-registered users or google and other search engine indexing.

        the search engine indexing is really my only concern.

        but again, some of you guys just miss the mark on this idea. i don't know why. i won't bash anyone or put you guys down who don't get it, even though it's such a basic concept that a child would understand it, but it's probably time i found another forum. i am obviously incompatible with the majority (not all) member base of this forum. it's me, not you, i guess. i would like something more than what some of you people are used to having.

        i've said pretty much everything i have to say in this thread. i'm outta here.

        your right, business is private and there are some things that will not be discussed whether the forum is members only or not.

        you need to be a member to post here so what would stop someone from being a member just to veiw the posts? oh, i get it we just have to show our landscapers license and expiration date prior to signing up and that will weed out all the undesireables.

        i take exception to what you say and maybe you are right that you need another forum.
        unlike you or any others that are web site obsessed i come here for pleasure to discuss whatever i see intrests me with people who have the same landscapers mindset as myself.

        i been around a lot longer then the internet and although it has its uses you don't need it to survive or make a buck and trust me when i say it that it is not gonna get you away from those push mowers or bent shaft string trimmers any time soon unless you have the cash and you are useing the internet shopping for a real mower.

        i don't think it is a matter of anyone getting it or not as much as it don't really matter or at least as much as you think it does.

        you say you don't want to bash anyone but yet you do, you say that a child could understand it and maybe, just maybe that is who would only care about it.
        it seems today the younger you are the more important and critical the internet is and that is where the trouble lies because it is not that important.
        go back 20 years and nobody had a cell phone or a computer because it was too expensive and still not developed to what it is today and the world did just fine.
        people still got to where they needed to go and people still found the goods and services they desired and businesses still made piles of money.
        fast forward to today, and people can not go anywhere without haveing their phone glued to their heads or fingers tapping away at it and if they are not out and about they are glued to their computers chatting away.

        people today have no social skills, are nasty to one another and can not think for themselves or do a dam thing without the internet and the biggest drop off in our society as a whole and what it has become directly coincides with the information age.

        back in my day we still networked with our competitors and other businesses but we had organized groups and did it locally and face to face and as much as i like places like this, it is not nearly as effective as it was when we did it the way we did back then.

        the advantage i see from this today is i get to converse with other landscapers from coast to coast and north to south as well as some of our neihbors to the north in canada.
        it gives me great insight to how different the trade is from region to region in priceing and how long the work season is as well as if someone buys a new machine that i may be interested in i get to ask them questions and get their review.
        for example: i have always used the big walk behind bed shapers and they work very well and are powerfull and are excellent for cutting new beds and other then that we would use the string trimmer for touch ups.
        i got intrested in the stick edgers and asked around on this site and everyone gave high marks.
        so i bought a couple of them and they work great and are faster then the string trimmer and my guys love them.
        they can not shine the bed shapers shoes for big jobs with a lot of cutting but they are worth every penny.
        i probably would have bought them anyway but it was nice having a place to get some feed back.

        i am making high six digits a year and not one dime of it comes from the internet or my " web site " even though i do have one it is there for information purposes for potential customers to familiarize themselves more with my company before we meet face to face.

        selling a job is gonna come from how much personallity you have and your abillity to sell a job and deal with people as well as delivering on your promises and no web site or goole search engine is gonna do that for you.
        this industry revolves around human interaction.

        once again if you are worried about search engine indexing then use a different name because maybe i am od fashioned or " just don't get it " as you would say but i would never use my business name or full personal name on the internet with the exception of my web site.

        you are free to go where you like and you are free to stay that is your choice but i think you need to step back a little and smell the roses and enjoy what we have here because what you are looking for i am afraid you are never going to find and if you do find it i think you will discover it is not gonna help you as much as you think it will.
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          As a businessman, I believe that if this site were to offer anything more to us, it would come with a fee.

          There is no justification for making something extra for us to utilize, with absolutely no return value.

          "If something works, don't fix it"

          A private section would be lovely, and if users are paying for its use, then we would be 'recurring' users who have a better chance of not abandoning the site (once again this sill doesn't matter, yet).

          With a private section, the site would be able to generate an extra source of income that doesn't involve selling ad-space, and that's nice!

          This is the only way adding a private section could ever be justified:
          I would charge a fee, and I would also have several rules.
          Rule #1 would allow for me to manipulate certain private posts (replacing company names and private info) so that I could continue to have content for the non-private area, blog, and YouTube channel.


          How much are we willing to pay? Personally I hate paying for stuff, but I also love this site very much, and I would like to see it develop.

          A good example of why we would pay to be apart of this site:
          This site is established, and generates massive amounts of users - this is helpful to us all. Just like sub-contracting, we work for someone else who can provide jobs (users) that we wouldn't be able to obtain without it.

          So now the real question is, how much are you willing to pay to continue talking to me? How much money is it worth to have a social network completely related to what we do for a living?

          YES Facebook is free, but it doesn't compare. This site full-on caters to our minority, and it's worth something to have that.


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            This really is a very simple concept that need not be as complicated as anyone is making it.

            I know of forums that require a fee, or a certain number of posts to gain access to the "private" section. I wouldn't pay a fee unless the return was worth it - a private sub-forum is not worth a fee to me.
            "Post count" access just creates post whores and "PLUS 1!" posts from mindless idiots in order to gain access to the section where the "Babes Pics" are posted.

            The forum I moderate simply has a "Lounge" - no fees, no secret handshake, and nothing to "hide". It's simply a section for off-topic threads. Those threads are not searchable, thus keeping it from muddying the waters when people are searching for something that the forum's main focus is about.

            Religious discussions, photos of a family trip, questions about car trouble, and yes, a "babe" thread. (no nudity) These are the sorts of things you find in the Lounge. Say what you want there - nobody else will see it.

            I dunno... maybe not enough people are familiar with the concept.


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              In general, if people want a private section and don't have a private section - these people are unhappy!

              people are unhappy

              It doesn't matter if some people could live without a private section, its honestly not about them.

              It's just as silly as saying, "I want eggs for breakfast" and then someone responding with, "You don't need eggs, you should be like us and eat cereal".

              Everything is an opinion, and that's what people here are forgetting. The opinion of those who don't care to have a private section aren't helping in any way.


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                Well let's try this out. I changed the off topic section to private

                I am hoping it doesn't quickly turn into a free for all. We all have to remember there is a wide demographic group of readers.
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                  i could care less if it were to lead to a fee and i fully understand the concept.
                  i have several other sites that i frequent that have those sections and other then language there really is no benefit.

                  one site the lounge section usually gets shut down because even for a lounge section they take it too far.

                  this is a landscape forum for god's sake what the heck would someone be talking about that is so bad or private that would require membership like a **** site?

                  if it is that graphic in nature or something you wanted to talk about in business that you did not want to discuss with a large crowd but needed to speak to someone specific you can PM them.

                  i am not against the idea but at the same time it is the farthest least important thing from my mind and i would think isolateing people would be the opposite of what the owner of this site intended it for in the first place.

                  i mean, currently it is open for all and whether you are dreaming about starting a landscape biz, a homeowner, a single push mower outfit or a full blown money making landscape machine of a company. what criteria will be used to determine the user is a landscape professional and not a home owner trying to slip in and hear about all of our incriminating details?

                  would we have to mail a company T shirt to the admin for approval? or would we need to send a jpg of our fancy lettered up truck with us standing next to it with todays newspaper attached to our application?.


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                    You're taking this "secrecy" thing way too literally.


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                      You're taking this "secrecy" thing way too literally.
                      i am just having fun with it, what else is there to do?

                      plus i am not the one with those concerns.


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                        You're taking this "secrecy" thing way too literally.
                        *Goes to private forum while humming 007 theme* " Dum dum dum da dum dum..."


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                          the benefits of having a forum that is NOT indexed by search engines for new users, who are interested in learning how to properly estimate jobs alove justifies having ONE area of a website that is not indexed/spidered by google, bing, yahoo, etc.

                          if a company "has been around since before the internet" then the people behind it will quickly find themselves on the way out if they refuse to be willing to adapt to new ideas and concepts in business, as times have changed and people want to do business with people who understand how to properly use the technologies of todays modern world.

                          we are allll networking here as competitors, of course. it has to be done! you look MORE professional by being able to say "i cant handle that, but i know a crew who can, let me pass you in their direction," which comes from networking. i am not denying, griping, talking about or arguing with networking!

                          again, the idea is not to seclude people from other businessmen - christ on a cracker, it's to not be indexed by search engines only.

                          to not be indexed by search eniges.

                          it's not about some "weird secrecy" for us to be nefarious, irresponsible goons.

                          it's for business matters that busi9nessmen would rather talk only with other businessmen.

                          if you dont understand how a search engine indexes websites, than you are behind the curve of modern technology.

                          there's nothing wrong with not knowing that, as you can learn.

                          if you do not want to learn, you do not want to evolve, then you miss out.

                          me? i learn something new everyday. i am a grown, 33 year old man, and i keep learning non stop. i still read books, i dont watch tv, and i eat up information by the spoonful.

                          i digress.

                          i would like to thank steve for giving it a shot. at least he understands that it isn't about people wanting to be morons on his forum. hopefully the rest of you do as well.

                          and lastly, if you folks dont want to use the private sub forum, then don't use it! simple math!

                          it bewilders me that this thread has taken up 6 pages of conversation and over 1,000 views! wow. that says a lot about something
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                            this thread should be moved into the private forum, if you ask me.


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                              this thread should be moved into the private forum, if you ask me.
                              I was slowly reading all the new posts, and this one made me spill my glass of water man... LMFAO

                              Good one!


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