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Looking to start mowing next year. Help.

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  • Looking to start mowing next year. Help.

    Hello friends!

    My name is Randall Brooks. I am looking into starting a lawn care business next year and need a little help. I sadly can't start this year due to funding and because I will be gone cause I joined the Army.

    Now then.... I will have around a $14,000 budget for all of my lawn care needs, lets say you had this money what would you buy and how much would it cost? Please remember I will have nothing but my jeep to mow lawns so I will need trailer, trimmers, ect.

    And also looking at cutting firewood in the winter time. What type of log splitter should i get?

    Thanks for you help and be as descriptive as possible!
    PFC. Brooks

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    Do you know what size yards you will be doing?
    If the lawns are small or have gates you will need a smaller mower (36 inch or smaller)
    How handy are you, can you work on a mower?
    used mowers are great way to save if you can fix it yourself.


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      $14k is a great investment, and more than enough unless you plan on buying a new vehicle.

      Assuming you are lucky as all of us here when it comes to gaining clients;

      You should really focus on getting yourself a decent trailer. I'm not exactly sure of how powerful your jeep is, it's something worth looking into.


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        I really don't want to be limited on the size lawns I do. I was thinking of getting a small regular riding lawn mower for the small lawns and a nice 60" zero turn riding lawn mower for my large scale lawns. I am from Alabama and have only used a few name-brand lawn mowers and really need some advice into what to get.. I know if I go used I will have the possibly and repairs ect. I don't mind new because maybe ill snag warranty and heck its new! I have been looking at John Deere just because I love the way they cut.

        Also, Should I do just lawn care? Or more of a landscaping? I am a fast learning I just need to know if it's worth it.


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          Also, I am really looking into this zero turn mower. Anyone got any input?


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            Personally, the more services I would offer clients, the more hectic and unorganized my business would become.

            I suggest you stick to lawns, because if you were doing anything else, it's just more scheduling work you would have to do.

            Lawns are easy money, they are your gravy and the easiest kind of work to manage. You will find that lawns consume most of your time the more you grow.

            A guy who offers 10 services will be all over the place, unless he only accepts 5 measly lawn customers for the season so that he has more time to focus on other things. Once he grows his lawn clientele, he will barely be able to work on anything else. Think of it as working two jobs, it's just as difficult. You can't be in two places at once.

            The best thing about lawns, is that it's recurring money. Everything else is somewhat of a one shot deal.

            Keep your business fast paced, offer simple services until you have the manpower to get into more time consuming work.

            e.g. Simple services;
            Topsoil, overseeding, granular fertilizing. fast fast fast..

            I hope this helps!


            For a zero turn, go measure a few backyard gates in your area. You will want your tractor to be able to fit through openings. There will be some yards with massive backyards, and this will save you a lot of trouble.


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