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  • Work for Woman?

    It's rare to find a woman to cut grass. Is there a service I can offer, that woman might be interested in doing?

    Weeding gardens is out of the question. It's too big of a commitment for me right now.

    I have a lot of females around who want work, they just don't want to cut grass...

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    maybe start a clean inside and out service you do the lawn and they do the maid thing inside?


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      I am supprised nobody has suggested an escort service but why would they not be willing to mow?
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        One day I'll just hire them to surround me as I work.

        It'll be awesome.


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          My wife does that part time. I started having several customers ask about inside cleaning services so it works out really good.


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            Just for fun, why don't you do something crazy and begin a bikini snow removal service. Contact the local press and see if anyone bites at the story LOL.

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              Well one comment on the above picture.
              She is not digging snow she is removing all the pucks from in the net.
              as Montreal goalie couldn't stop a pig in a blind ally.

              Here is a little something
              Hire them to do yard work rake , trim edge etc. .
              If they give you a hard time just ell them oh ya I forgot Girls can't do yard work.
              They will go out of their way to prove you wrong.


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                I love women, such crazy and interesting creatures.


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