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Need a new phone...

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  • Need a new phone...

    Alright... I'm getting sick of having this;

    Tell me forum, what phone should I buy?

    Photos are nice!

    To show a photo from the web;

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    HTC EVO phone does everything


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      I got a text from Bell, they want me to get this with another 3 year plan with them.. lol

      HTC Raider.. same thing?


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        "Iphone" the only issue is there is no goher app Other than that I would be so lost with out mine.


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          how about this phone.

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            I hate cell phones in general ,but have an iphone which I use mainly for the internet .The phone works great ,I have an otterbox case so it wont break [it slid off a roof once with no issues ] ,but find it kind of large to stick in my pocket .


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              how about this phone.

              I like


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                Try this one buddy


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                  get a droid if you have a PC they are far more compatible and are slowly going to take over.

                  I phone is the fashionable thing to do, droid is the practical thing to do.


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                    I'm just worried about the bill I'd get with a newer phone. It seems like I would actually have to pay for internet use just to use most of the stuff on them, no?

                    I don't know anything, I've never held an Iphone/Blackberry/Android before, I don't know what they do.


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                      because I rarely use my phone for calls ,I have a pay as you go phone through petro-can ,because the calls are 25 cents a minute ,but for $10.00 per month I have unlimited internet browsing .They have inexpensive monthly plans for calls etc as well ,but I might use the phone for 4 minutes or less per month so for me its not worth it .They run the rogers network if service is an issue for you .Also,their cards last a full year ,no need to top-up every month if you still have time left on your card .It works perfect for me ,it might not suit you .


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                        Things I know that need;

                        Caller-ID <** My savior

                        As for calling, I usually only receive calls. I suppose I'd need an incoming call plan. (I think I have one already, I'm not sure?)

                        With the new features, I'd like to be able to check Facebook and Twitter, etc. Though, would they charge me for internet use? What if I have wi-fi and just use what I'm already paying for at home or the nearby are has wi-fi?

                        I couldn't imagine using my phone for games, the battery would probably die very often.. lol

                        I like the Twitter/FB idea though.. I could update my posts while at work, or on the toilet.


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                          Personally a Blackberry fan as I use my phone mainly for email and text messages, when it comes to emails, BB has the market, my plan allows me 4G access to the internet, twitter, FB etc. the voice plan I have allows for unlimited incoming calls plus MY5, basically free calls anytime to 5 people I select.

                          Daughter had a phone like your old one which was excellent for text messages, she now has a Samsung Galaxy s II LTE and loves it, son has always had the IPhone.

                          Each of our plans run around $90.00 a month each
                          Halifax, Nova Scotia


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                            Go with the Android phone
                            Loads of lawn apps and text face book twitter, Linkin etc.
                            I have a LG something or other it is awesome


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                              The service I use is Cricket here in the US, it has a set price, no worry about overages, my smart phone has unlimited everything long distance included, not sure if that is available in Canada, but google search for a similar type of plan.


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